Grilled Pizza Recipe

October is National Pizza Month. Village Italian is sharing an easy grilled pizza recipe that is perfect for this fall season!  

1 – 8 oz ball of your favorite pizza dough from the grocery store.
½ – cup red or white pizza sauce
Dash of Italian herbs: garlic, oregano
2 -Tbs -olive oil
Favorite toppings: prosciutto, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives
1 – medium size bowls of Arugula
1 – teaspoon of lemon or to taste
1 – 8 oz bag of your favorite cheese: mozzarella, goat cheese, feta
A few leaves of fresh basil 

– Heat the grill to 450 degrees.
– Find a flat surface such as a kitchen counter, and lightly dust with flour.
– Remove the dough from the bag and place the dough on the floured counter.
– Flour the dough to prevent it from sticking.
– Use a rolling pin or wooden dowel, and start rolling out the dough, pressing lightly.
– Press dough forward with rolling pin/dowel, then backwards, then side to side.
– Repeat process ‘til dough is stretched to desired size.
– Mix your herbs with olive oil and lightly brush it on the dough and set aside.
– Be sure you have all your toppings proportionally placed in containers and stationed by the grill along with the sauce to add it once you flip the dough on the grill.
– Turn the grill on low and place the dough on the grill, brushed side face down.
– Once it begins to form air pockets and has a nice grill mark, brush the herb mixture on the dough and flip it.
– Spread a thin layer of your favorite sauce evenly over the pizza, add herbs, prosciutto, mozzarella, and fresh basil.
– Close the grill and let it all melt together until golden brown.
– In a separate bowl, mix your arugula, lemon, and some olive oil.
– Dust the top of the pizza with the arugula mixture for the last two minutes.
– If you prefer spinach over arugula, you can substitute one for the other.

Tip: For more flavor, you can purchase premixed feta, olive, and herbs mixture at the specialty deli to use as your brush-on mixture. It’s delicious! 

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